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    • Women Excel at Managing Diversity

      Women in key positions within matrixed work environments may be better prepared for growth in the global economy throughout the coming century. As industries grow globally and face more and more diverse challenges, they may find that their key female Read More

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    Leadership Alliance, Inc. is a St. Louis- and San Francisco-based consultancy that combines the principles of psychology with sound business practices to help organizations align their business strategy and people practices. Delivering a full range of talent management services, Leadership Alliance assists companies in the acquisition, assessment, development, and retention of high-caliber employees. We have worked with hundreds of executives and managers to enhance their leadership skills and serve a range of clients in diverse industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

    As an independent Korn Ferry Associate, Leadership Alliance provides consulting expertise and training on implementation of the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect competency-based tools.

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    We would never buy a company or make a key hire for a portfolio company without Leadership Alliance’s review. Their evaluation is a standard practice of our due diligence process, and our entire firm is convinced that making decisions without Norma’s insight is analogous to flying blind.
    Scott Schwartz, DirectorCIVC Partners
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